In the Making - Bespoke engagement ring

April 30, 2020 2 min read

Bespoke engagement ring

The brief for this ring was to incorporate a hexagonal setting as a symbol of form in the natural world such as in a beehive and to use a green stone.

It was a pleasure to design and make this clients engagement ring and I’m pleased to be able to share some of the process with you.  The brief was very much inspired by the natural world. Incorporating a hexagonal setting such as the building blocks in a beehive and using this beautiful mossy green/blue tourmaline.

Sometimes you can look at a ring and see its face value but for the giver and wearer the symbolism of the design and the unity can mean so much more. It’s these little details that tell the story of the couple and their lives.   

The central tourmaline is set in a hexagonal setting and surrounded on four sides by trios of Australian diamonds.  The shoulders of the ring are set with additional diamonds to continue the flow around the ring. The metal used in the ring is 18ct Fairtrade white gold.

It all starts with a single piece of Fairtrade gold.  This was milled to the sizes and thickness required for the design. The separate elements were carefully measured and handcrafted before being assembled to create the final ring.  

Each of the 19 stones is set by hand before a final polish and presentation to the client.

Bespoke ring design process

I’m so grateful to have wonderful clients who trust me to design and make their rings.  It’s such a privilege to be part of something so special.

Here’s what they said:

“My experience with Audrey Claude has been flawless and joyous from start to finish. In my experience, there are few designers that maintain such high ethical standards whilst also creating beautiful jewellery. It was for this reason that I sought out the services of Sarah to help me design an engagement ring for my future wife. 

As part of the design process, Sarah took on board all my scattergun ideas whilst also seeking to understand the person she was ultimately designing the piece for. The result was a design that so perfectly fitted with my expectations and also went beyond what I thought possible to achieve. 

During the design process, Sarah was accommodating and made herself available to meet in London several times to ensure that I was happy with the final piece. She also hand-delivered the engagement ring to me and it was accompanied by a small keepsake book that recorded the making of the ring. A simple but wonderful idea. The ring itself is stunning. It elegantly bares the marks of a handcrafted piece which makes it truly unique.

Johnny, East Sussex”

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