Audrey Claude creates beautiful ethical jewellery to cherish and become a part of your story. We use 100% reclaimed gold or Fairtrade gold, ethically sourced gemstones and are committed to low impact environmental practices. For more in depth information on the ethically sourced and fully traceable diamonds we use please read about our ethical sourcing here.

Audrey Claude is the work of designer maker Sarah Kavanagh-Jenkins. All jewellery is handmade at our Cheltenham studio. As well as creating our own collections we also work closely with our clients to create custom pieces. The greatest fulfilment in our work comes from knowing that Audrey Claude pieces are given and received through love and will be held with enduring affection by those who posses them and are destined to be passed through the generations.

It all began when Sarah designed and made her own engagement ring and an important part of that process was using raw materials that had been sourced ethically. Many people will tell you that the diamonds they use are Kimberly certified and are therefore conflict free - this however does not mean that the stones are truly ethical. Whilst the Kimberly process has reduced the trade in conflict diamonds the origin of any one diamond cannot be guaranteed. The reason being, diamonds from conflict zones and those mined under the force of violence are still being smuggled into neighbouring countries to be certified. We want to make fine jewellery that is without compromise in this area form sourcing to design and henceforth we choose to only use diamonds and gemstones that we know to be truly ethical

There is a luxury in hand made pieces. It takes time. The craftsperson has held the raw materials assessing each cut and file, measuring each angle and looking in depth at each individual stone to see how it will be its best in each piece.  Something that has taken time to make with its unique differences holds true value.