Audrey Claude is the work of chief designer-maker Sarah Kavanagh-Jenkins.  We create beautiful ethical jewellery to cherish and become a part of your story. We use 100% reclaimed gold or Fairtrade gold, ethically sourced gemstones and are committed to low impact environmental practices. For more in depth information on the ethically sourced and fully traceable diamonds we use please read about our ethical sourcing here

All jewellery is handmade at our studio in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  As well as creating our own collections we also work closely with clients to create custom one of a kind pieces.  The greatest fulfilment in our work comes from knowing that Audrey Claude pieces are given and received through love and will be held with enduring affection and passed through the generations.

It all began when I designed and made my own engagement ring in 2010. An important part of that process was using materials that had been sourced ethically and so my hunt for ethical gemstones and metals began. Originally I studied to be an Ocean Scientist and although this was not the right path for me the importance of the natural world and our impact on it has never left. By nature I am curious at heart and when faced with the response that ‘no you won’t able to find traceable diamonds’ I took this as challenge to do the opposite and to compile an ethical supply chain for Audrey Claude! I have since put together an ethical promise for you to read outlining the ethical values at the heart of Audrey Claude Jewellery. We want to make beautiful fine jewellery that is without compromise from sourcing to design and henceforth choose to only use diamonds and gemstones that we know to be truly ethical.

I love creating beautiful pieces of jewellery for my clients. A piece that has special meaning to you and becomes part of your everyday life. A piece that one day you may pass on to your loved ones along with your unique story.

There is a luxury in hand made pieces. It takes time. As an artisan jeweller the raw materials are held and formed into the perfect shape, assessing each cut and file, measuring each angle and looking in depth at each individual stone to see how it will be its best in each piece. Something that tells the story of the materials, the story of the maker, and your story holds true value.