Ethical sourcing

At Audrey Claude we only use diamonds and gemstones that are ethically sourced. These are more than just conflict free stones and are mined by workers receiving fair pay and conditions and with care to the environment. 

Many people will tell you that the diamonds they use are Kimberly certified and are therefore conflict free - this however does not mean that the stones are truly ethical. Whilst the Kimberly process has reduced the trade in conflict diamonds, being Kimberley certified is no guarantee. Diamonds from conflict zones and those mined under the force of violence are still being smuggled into neighbouring countries to be certified.



At Audrey Claude we use Canadian and Australian diamonds.

Australian diamonds are from the Argyle mine in the Kimberley region in Western Australia. The diamond mines in Australia are held accountable for their social and environmental impacts and adhere to strict labour laws. The diamonds are then cut in ethical facilities in India. Many of the larger Australian diamonds used come with a Jeweltree Foundation certificate ensuring supply chain transparency, social responsibility and ecological sustainability throughout the mining, cutting and polishing processes.
Canadian diamonds come from either the Diavik or Ekati mines in the Northwest Terrritories. Again they are mined under strict labour and environmental laws imposed by the Canadian government. Larger diamonds over 0.3ct are laser inscribed with a unique serial number and can be tracked right back to the exact mine they came from.


Coloured Gemstones

Coloured gemstones used are from small scale mining cooperatives in their country of origin where the miners welfare, the environment and ecology of the land are all given careful consideration and are treated in a fair and ethical way.




 Precious Metals

The metals used in all pieces are 100% reclaimed or Fairtrade. Reclaimed or recycled gold means that no new metal has been mined. The gold largely comes from recycled jewellery and refined manufacturing scarp refined.
Using Fairtrade gold and precious metals ensures that the gold used is ethically extracted by artisanal and small scale miners who adhere to the Fairmined standards.
A choice of using reclaimed or Fairtrade gold is available for all pieces.

Fairtrade Gold

We support Fairtrade Gold. Building a secure future for miners, their families and communities

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