Ethical Promise

Fairtrade and recycled metals

We are proud to be a full Fairtrade licencee (number 37100). The metal used in all pieces is either recycled or Fairtrade. A choice of using reclaimed or Fairtrade gold is available for all pieces.

Traceable diamonds and coloured gemstones

We use ethically sourced and traceable Canadian and Australian diamonds, where diamond mines are held accountable for their social and environmental impacts and adhere to strict labour laws.

We work closely with gemstone dealers who work directly with the miners and mines so that we have traceability of our coloured gemstones. We strive to use gemstones from small scale mining cooperatives in their country of origin where the miners welfare, the environment and ecology of the land are all given careful consideration and are treated in a fair and ethical way.

Crafted by hand in our local studio

All pieces of Audrey Claude jewellery are made by hand at our studio in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. As with many small businesses this enable minimal environmental impact from the mine to the market. Our packaging is also free from plastic and made from environmentally friendly materials.

People and the environment                 

 One of the reasons we source ethical metals and gemstones is our commitment to a healthy and happy workforce throughout the supply chain. From miners and their communities to our own studio.