The Perfect Fit Ring

Our perfect fit rings are silver sample rings designed to be used to check your ring size to avoid having to have your ring resized after you’ve bought it.

Since all rings are made differently even if you have had your ring size measured elsewhere or you know it in a different country conversion there may be some slight variations from maker to maker.  To eliminate this we offer our perfect fit sample rings which are sterling silver plain bands in varying widths to use once you have your general size.

These sample rings are £20 each and can be returned to us if you wish within 30 days for a full refund less shipping. This is a great way to wear a sample ring over a few days to see how the fit feels and sits on your finger in your everyday life.  Your fingers can change throughout the day - when cold your finger will be a smaller size than if your hands are hot or after exercise, so trying the size out for few days really helps to make you comfortable about getting the correct size.

Available in various sizes and two widths, a narrow round band or a wide 4mm band which is better for men’s rings.

The sample rings are sent in a fabric pouch rather than our ring boxes. 

If your size is not listed please let us know and we can make sure the correct size is available for you.

Certain styles of ring such as eternity rings cannot be resized so it’s best to get the perfect fit from the start.