Commission and bespoke jewellery work

October 06, 2017 2 min read

Commission and bespoke jewellery work

Working with clients designing and making a special piece of jewellery is something I love doing and I'd like to share with you the process and work I recently carried out for a commission from a very lovely couple looking for a bespoke engagement ring:

The commission process all starts with an informal chat about what type of piece you're looking for. For Jo and Simon it was a three stone diamond engagement ring. After sharing ideas I worked on some initial designs for them which we then tweeked until the final design was agreed.

3 stone ring custom design by Audrey Claude Jewellery

The stones used were ethically sourced Australian diamondsfrom the Argyle mine in Western Australia. I like to make a sample in silver of commissions so that clients can better see how the final design will work.

 Ethical diamonds for custom 3 stone ring by Audrey Claude JewelleryThe final ring was then made in recycled 18ct white gold, the diamonds set and then delivered. Here are some process shots of the ring taking shape!

3 stone ring process shots from Audrey Claude Jewellery

The whole process usually takes around 8 weeks from when the design is agreed so all in all about 10 weeks including the design stage.

Here's the final ring along with the wedding ring. Both made from recycled 18ct white gold.


Custom 3 stone ring by Audrey Claude Jewellery

I love working on a bespoke commissions, due to the time involved I can only take on a few commissions each month. At the moment I'm limiting it to 3 commissions a month so that I can give every piece the right amount of attention to detail and focus.  

If you're thinking about getting a special bespoke piece of jewellery made don't forget to plan ahead!

To find out more about the ethical processes in Audrey Claude Jewellery take a look at the ethical sourcing page or if you'd like to have a chat about a custom piece of jewellery then just send me a message, I'd love to find out more!

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