Ethical engagement rings for today’s socially conscious couple.

January 09, 2020 3 min read

Ethical engagement rings for today’s socially conscious couple.

As the world moves forward and we look more and more to live a sustainable and ethical life, the decisions we make from the smallest to the largest purchases are all made with thought to the world around us.  From the materials used an their impact on the environment and to the welfare of those involved in the process.

As an artisan jeweller, here at Audrey Claude, we’re proud to design and produce beautiful engagement rings that use recycled metals or Fairtrade gold and ethically sourced diamonds and coloured gemstones.  The diamonds we use are Canadian and Australian diamonds which are traceable to their mine of origin and are tracked throughout their supply chain. The coloured gemstones are from small scale mines in Sri Lanka and Africa which work closely with the mining communities to ensure responsible and ethical worker welfare, business and environmental practices.

Some of our most cherished work comes from working closely with a couple to design a bespoke ring just for them. This is such a wonderful experience where we can make a piece that reflects the couple and their lives together. We design and handcraft each piece at our studio in Cheltenham

Ask your jeweller questions about their ethics and the sustainability policies of the materials they use.  It is no longer enough just to have a diamond that is Kimberley certified as many diamonds are smuggled over borders from conflict zones to gain this certification.  Without knowing the origin of the diamond you cannot be certain that the stone hasn’t be mined in a conflict zone, in the shadow of child labour, poverty or war.

It is thankfully now much easier to shop ethically for an engagement ring.  Many jewellers like Audrey Claude Jewellery have ethical policies and are transparent about their practices and those of others in the supply chain of the diamonds, gemstones and metals used. 


Words from ones of our recent clients:

“My experience of Audrey Claude has been flawless and joyous from start to finish. In my experience, there are few designers that maintain such high ethical standards whilst also creating beautiful jewellery. It was for this reason that I sought out the services of Sarah to help me design an engagement ring for my future wife.”

“As part of the design process, Sarah took on board all my scattergun ideas whilst also seeking to understand the person she was ultimately designing the piece for. The result was a design that so perfectly fitted with my expectations and also went beyond what I thought possible to achieve.”

“During the design process Sarah was accommodating and made herself available to meet in London several times to ensure that I was happy with the final piece. She also hand delivered the engagement ring to me and it was accompanied by a small keepsake book which recorded the making of the ring. A simple but wonderful idea. The ring itself is stunning. It elegantly bares the marks of a handcrafted piece which makes it truly unique.”  - Johnny, East Sussex.


If you’d like to get in touch about designing and making a custom engagement ring please use our contact page here.  In the mean time take a look at our ethical engagement rings here.

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