Is buying an engagement ring online safe?

February 02, 2021 3 min read

Is buying an engagement ring online safe?


Making a large purchase, such an engagement ring, online can be daunting.  You probably have lots of questions flying round about whether it’s safe, how do you know what you’re getting, what will it look like in real life, how can you change it if it’s not quite right, etc. etc.

I’m writing this to hopefully put your mind at rest and reassure you that buying an engagement ring online from a trustworthy jeweller, who is happy to answer your questions with honesty and integrity, is becoming the new normal. 

There are many plus points to buying your engagement ring online.  
  • Face to face consultations are still possible just via video calls.
  • Buying online and having a video consultation is more convenient and can be more discreet than visiting a high street shop.
  • It can often be a far more personal experience - in the case of Audrey Claude you’ll be talking directly to the designer-maker.  
  • A fully bespoke ring can be designed. This is not always possible in a high street shop. 
  • Buying an engagement ring online means you’re not constrained by location.  You may be a hundred miles away but we can still discuss your ring plans face to face online.

If you want to arrange a video consultation get in touch with us and send an email or give us a call.  


Selection of bespoke designs from Audrey Claude Jewellery

The same assurances come with buying an engagement ring online as would for buying form a high street store.  Sometimes even more!

All diamonds over 0.3ct come with a GIA or equivalent gemlab certificate.
If you’re not sure of the ring size we’ll work with you and offer advice and tips on how to secretly obtain a size. At Audrey Claude we also offer free ring resizing should it be required within the first year from purchase for all rings where it is possible. (Resizing is not always possible with some ring styles where there are gemstones set into the shank / band of the ring such as an eternity ring).  

Although online can seem distant it’s really not, the location may not be on your doorstep but the experience offered will be intimate.  From discussions about gemstone choices to the overall design. If walking into a jewellery shop and standing in front of a display of engagement rings seems daunting then a personal online jewellery designer should suit you down to the ground.  You’ll be able to learn more about the rings at your own pace and look through designs without the pressure of being stood in front of a sales person. In the case of Audrey Claude Jewellery you’ll be talking directly the designer. And, when you’re ready, arrange a video consultation to talk through different options.  Yes, the whole process is a bit slower than just walking into a shop, but, it is much more personal and can take away some of the stress of engagement ring shopping.  

Gone is the idea that shopping online is somehow not as good as going into a high street shop.  Online, and through our video calls, we take time to get to know you wherever you are. This is the new norm and for some it’s making the prospect of buying an engagement ring so much less stressful and a much more enjoyable process.


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If you're interested in a one to one consultation contact Sarah at Audrey Claude Jewellery to arrange a video or telephone call. 

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