Rewarding yourself with milestone jewellery

October 03, 2018 1 min read

Milestone jewellery for yourself to mark a landmark event such as a significant birthday, wedding anniversary, birth

Sometimes something comes along which is a landmark event. I’ve just celebrated another birthday.... it wasn’t a huge landmark but it did get me thinking about the times when I’ve treated myself as a reward for things I’ve been proud of.

Milestone jewellery is just that, a gift to yourself. A special piece that someone else might not buy you but that you love all the same and you deserve it. A piece that celebrates an achievement in your life and a reminder of your story to get there.

Here’s a few milestone and landmark events that might resonate with you.

  • Wedding anniversary
  • The birth of your children
  • Graduating
  • Getting your dream job
  • Having your book published
  • Landmark birthday
  • Taking the courageous move to leave your job

So not everyone is going to be getting a book deal but you get the picture love and celebrate yourself!


Here's some work in progress shots for a bespoke eternity ring to celebrate a clients 40th birthday - channel set diamond ring in 18ct Fairtrade white gold.

Bespoke channel set diamond eternity ring to celebrate a 40th birthday

I strongly believe that if you love and believe in yourself this happiness will shine through and make others smile. After all spreading a little happiness is something we all need to do.

I'd love to hear what milestone or landmark event you'd like to reward yourself for. If you'd like to discuss a commission please do get in touch on the contact page or drop us an email

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