Unique Engagement Rings

December 20, 2018 4 min read

Unique Engagement Rings

You are unique and you deserve a unique ring.  No one else is like you, even if you have a twin! What you bring to the world only you bring it!  Your style, your thoughts, your turn of phrase, it’s all you.

Who we are shines through in our day to day, in our opinions, the places we travel to, what we read, what we watch, what we wear, and the people we chose to hang out with. A unique engagement ring or a one of kind piece of jewellery should resonate with you in the same way that other choices in your life do. It might be something you’re going to be wearing everyday for the rest of your life. Or a piece that you go to to make you feel special or to remember.

I believe that the what you chose to wear is always a thought out process, it inherently has meaning. You’ve chosen it after all. So if it’s something you’re investing in why not ensure that it ticks all your boxes of who you are.

Whether it’s a unique engagement ring, commitment ring or a celebratory piece of the jewellery having a piece made especially for you makes it even more special.  But where to start and what do you need to know!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have had your personality analysed or know exactly what style you want or even what stones you want in your jewellery.  That’s my job. You’ll discover more about your jewellery style during the design process. Quite often something you hadn’t thought you’d like comes out in the sketches.

I love designing one of kind jewellery and especially unique engagement rings. Talking to clients to find out more about you and your style, and putting to paper a unique design that’s all about you. I also love helping you make sure that you know the ethical source of the metals and gemstones that will be used. I’m passionate about bringing ethical fine jewellery to people and I’m pretty sure if you’re here then it’s something that you’re passionate about too.

Diamond and sapphire unique engagement ring

Here’s a recent unique engagement ring using a traceable Canadian diamond, Australian diamonds and Sri Lankan blue sapphires. Set in Fairtrade 18ct white gold.

It all started with an informal meeting to get to know the couple, Rachael and Jake, and get an idea of what they were looking for. As well as finding out about your style, what you like and don’t like and what’s important to you I also like to find out about a client’s day to day activities. Rachael and Jake are festival lovers, they have dogs and Rachael rides a lot so the ring designed had to match the daily activities it would get too.  Nothing too prominent that might get caught, but still beautiful and with a natural feel.

The ethical source of the materials used was also very important. Fairtrade 18ct white gold was used and the gemstones were sourced from traceable mines were the human and environmental impacts are monitored to ensure good practice.

After a few tweeks in the sketches the final design for their unique engagement ring was agreed and work began to bring it together for them. A sample in silver was made up to check for the sizing and if any final tweeks were needed.

Unique engagement ring in the making

Unique enagagement ring in the making

The turn around time for a unique engagement ring or any one of a kind piece of jewellery is 8- 10 weeks from when you sign off on the design.  I also say to allow 2-3 weeks for work on the design to be sure that you’re happy with it before work begins. I say this so that you can plan ahead. Knowing it’s essentially a 3 month process does mean that having a unique jewellery piece made is going to be less spontaneous.  But it’s also going to be one of the loveliest things you can have done.

Here are a few words from Rachael when she received her ring.

‘So in love with my incredible ring. Especially made for me by Sarah at Audrey Claude Jewellery. Her attention to detail in designing the ring was just phenomenal. Sarah ensured that the stones and gold were ethically sourced, something that was really important for Jake and myself.  

The whole experience from design to the actual ring has been a wonderful journey.  A truly treasured piece of jewellery.’

It’s such a personal process getting a one of kind unique piece of jewellery made up. Especially if it’s a unique engagement ring.  There is a narrative to your life and I try to have that come across in the designs I put forward for you.

If you’d like to have a chat about a one of kind piece of jewellery or a unique engagement ring please do get in touch here, I’d love to hear from you.  

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